August 2013


Pastry is changing the world, the new boerie burger integrates cultures, if it barks it could be a lion and the cremation is completed.

We thought a ‘hybrid’ was term used to describe Toyota’s racy high performance green efficiency vehicle? No, it is a now portmanteau ( as we don’t know the meaning, in simple English it is a combination) of the classic French Croissant and the good old American doughnut. Who would have thought that the Cronut, trademark pending, would unite two such culturally diverse nations. There is hope for world peace as politicians look to the recipe books for gastronomic solutions to world problems.
The Boerie Burger - This is no joke - McDonalds ingratiates themselves in the local South African culture and that of the world. The boerewors Burger, or as South Africans affectionately refer to it, the “Big Boerie” is now on sale. !

For those out of the loop or over the ocean, boerewors is a traditional South African braai or barbeque delicacy. A recipe will be provided in the September 2013 edition by CEO. On a much more serious note, it is rumoured that a Russian child once said, “do they have McDonalds in America”?
A Chinese zoo was bold enough to replace its African Lions who were out on the prowl, with some Tibetan mastiffs.

Sadly this was not a roaring success and when the dog barked, the game was up. One is hoping that the already strained Chinese-Tibetan relations will not be affected by this scandal. Please see below and for those in doubt, the African Lion is on your?
All that remains of the Ashes is the smouldering wreck that is Australian Cricket. Well done to England on the 3-0 victory. Sadly some tasteless jokes got past the censor, our favourites being, “What do Aussie batsmen and drug addicts have in common?

Both spend most of their time wondering where their next score will come from”, and “the Aussie version of a hat-trick? Three runs in three balls”
Janice and Carrie (2), Rallius (9), Cheslan and Jenny S (14), Tanya (18), Warren (22), Kathy B (27) and Gladys (28).

In History in September – Ceasar Augustus was born in Rome in 63BC, the first passenger train went into operation in England in 1825, the first ATM was installed in September 1969.

Lennox Lewis, Heavyweight Boxing Champion was born in 1965., a couple of days before Charlie Sheen. There must be some truth to that Tiger Blood theory!

Yes, this is what Tamzen looks like at 12,000 feet. Brilliant effort and raised over £1,300 for the Motor Neurone Disease (MND) Association.
On behalf of The Hobart Enterprises Charity trust, a donor to Tamzen’s very brave effort, well done and we look forward to next year’s solo tight rope walk across the Thames!


What do a fried egg and enzymes have in common? Let’s have a closer look ….
An egg consists of protein and once cooked, the egg converts from a liquid to a solid form.
The reason? The proteins have denatured/deactivated causing the egg to solidify. The same happens when enzymes are heated or exposed to heavy metal.
Enzymes (identified by the suffix, ‘ase’) are specific proteins found in all living organisms and are selected for an application, according to the specific activity required (different enzymes are responsible for over 8500 activities!). They function optimally at temperatures of between 45 and 65 deg. C and in pH levels of between 2 and 4.5.
Following on from last month’s Liquid Science article, let’s identify some of the enzymes used in part of the process to produce a commercial apple juice: The apples are washed and chopped and added to a tank of water where a maceration enzyme is added to optimize the juice yield when pushed through a press.
The extracted juice is then tested for pectin and starch. If needed, a depectinisation enzyme will be added to clarify the juice and an amylase or amyloglucosidase enzyme will be used to breakdown the starch.
If there are high solids (cellulose) in the fruit, an ultrafiltration enzyme will need to be added to prevent it from blocking the ultrafiltration unit. So, next time when savouring your favourite fruit juice, take a moment to appreciate the process it’s been through.


Who said, “the great question that has never been answered, and which I have not yet been able to answer, despite my 30 years of research, is What does a woman want?” Cryptic Clue - DREFU


This was the tweet from Warren Buffett as he made his entry on to Twitter.
Warren Buffett started his working career early. He had a paper round and sold Coca Cola (he now owns 8% of this company) and magazines door-to-door.
He filed his first tax return at age 14 and claimed a deduction for the use of his bicycle in the production of income. At 15, he bought a pin ball machine which he placed at a barber shop and is quoted as saying, “never ask a barber if you need a haircut” and so began the empire that is now Berkshire Hathaway.
He has lived in the same house since 1958, his annual salary of $100,000 has remained the same for the past 25 years. In an age where success is often defined by flash materiality, is Buffett’s definition not one to consider? - "Success is really doing what you love and doing it well. It's as simple as that. Really getting to do what you love to do every day - that's really the ultimate luxury.” Another valuable bit of advice from Warren Buffett, “I insist on a lot of time being spent, almost every day, to just sit and think. That is very uncommon……I read and think. So I do more reading and thinking, and make less impulsive decisions than most people in business. I do it because I like this kind of life.”


NOREEN SHEEHAN - Accounts Assistant AVP Ireland - I am from County Cork – Known as The Rebel County! I am now in my sixth year with the company. When I am not looking after my family (my other full time job! – 1 hubby and 2 university students 1 dog 1 cat 1 hamster!), I love going to the cinema and rock concerts – Rebel! And when I can fit it in a 5k or 10k run for charity. In order to prepare for those gruelling runs, Noreen fills up on Italian food. A keen reader, her object of choice on a desert Island would be a Solar powered Kindle and 10 000 books!
My plans for world domination/peace/Hobart etc.
“Peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by understanding” - Albert Einstein - My future plans are to keep working for the group (as I am so fond of saying – “keep paying me and I will keep turning up”) working alongside my colleagues to ensure we as a team do our bit to help make the group the best it can be.

We are very close to announcing that our group will be growing and we will be welcoming some new team members. We will also be getting feedback on AVP Ireland’s trip to the stables.

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