January 2013


In spite of the dire predictions of the ancient Mayan calendar for 22nd December, 2013 gently nudged 2012 with all its turmoil, excitement and, celebrations, out of the way. If one listened carefully, a collective “Phew” could be heard as the second hand ticked past midnight. Although 31 days in, we wish you all a very happy Year of the Black Snake!
Beyond the resolutions we make and break, a thought for the year: “If you want to achieve excellence, you can get there today.
As of this second, quit doing less-than-excellent work.” TJ Watson.


"The speed of light is faster than the speed of sound. This is why some people appear brilliant until they open their mouth...“ Anon
No guessing who took the photo. Unbeknownst to us Mr Stone has come good on his promise to enter the food business. We can certainly see the lunches improving in the Guildford office. Mr. Stone is a restaurant in Shanghai where, “Carnivores can feast on the likes of Grilled Pork with Bacon and Cheese served with braised red cabbage....“


Hobart Enterprises has been certified by the British Standards Institution under the ISO 9001 standard and all the companies under its umbrella will be certified on the same certificate. In order to obtain this Keith Marshall jumped over hurdles to combine all the manuals.
This was assessed by the BSI in Guildford and Mallow in November 2012 and we were given a clean bill of health by the BSI Auditor. For a riveting read this evening, go to the web vault.
For your own clean bill of health, details of how this should be done cannot be shown in this publication. Great job Keith “ISO” Marshall.


NAME: Tanya Donegan
WHAT DO YOU DO? - Admin and Sales Support C&W Australia.
WHERE ARE YOU FROM & WHERE ARE YOU NOW? - I was born and raised in Western Australia. I worked in administration for a sign company and a charity before joining C&W.
In our warehouse complex we have started a vegetable and herb garden in order to harmonise with our neighbours and to allow better utilisation of the dead garden space. My aim for 2013 is to try and introduce more environmentally friendly options to our work processes so we are more sustainable.


Busy start to the year and I’m pleased to share feedback that a number of the offices got in to the spirit of giving. “Santa” hats off to the Irish Office who got behind the ST VINCENT DE PAUL CHRISTMAS Toy Appeal. The wish of this charity is that every child gets a toy at Christmas. C&W SA had initiatives in both the Durban & Johannesburg offices.
Durban office collected funds and then used them to make up individual food parcels for 104 elderly people in a Frail Care. Johannesburg collected funds that went towards buying gifts for 60 young boys in the care of the TEDDY BEAR CLINIC for Abused Children. The gifts, along with cupcakes for all of them were given to a very excited and happy group of boys at the Clinic’s annual picnic.


Kathy Brown – Hobart Enterprises Ltd
“Nothing so cements and holds together all the parts of a society as faith or credit, which can never be kept up unless men are under some force or necessity of honestly paying what they owe to one another”. Cicero
In spite of the global phenomena that the words ‘credit control‘, can induce instantly altered mind-sets in sales folk, ranging from irritation to a cataleptic state, neither sales nor credit can perform effectively without the other, so perhaps they are actually on the same side - or even, need each other?
If the credit beast is not properly controlled, cash flow can be ruined almost as fast as Felix Baumgartner fell to Earth. Customers who don’t pay on time; or at all, damage cash flow! However, without sales, credit would have no reason to be....period.
- Credit has no purpose without sales
- Without credit, profitable sales are not possible.
Considering the complex parts we all play in our business; buying, selling, and constantly striving to stay in that nirvana state of happy clients, happy employees and reliable cash flow, we really do quite nicely. Here’s to healthy beasts.


In December 2012 Dave Barnby asked the team to submit a promise or commitment to the Group that they were prepared to share. It is still early days and would hope that the trickle becomes a torrent.
First out the blocks was Mary Hoffman (AVP Ireland) :“Individual commitment to a group effort is what makes a team work, a company work and society work” It is a valuable pledge as it recognises how our attitudes shape and influence the spaces we impact.
Dave Barnby’s commitment – “I commit every day to engage and support an environment that reinforces both individual and team commitments and promises towards achieving our group objectives”.


WHAT IS IT? As C&W knows it – the milky sap from the Rubber Tree. The raw latex is usually processed to make it 60% rubber, 5% additives and the balance, ammoniated water. The ammonia is added to prevent any decomposition during shipment and storage.
WHAT IT’S FOR? Dipping latex makes a thin film which is then converted to balloons, condoms, medical examination gloves, gardening gloves etc. Latex is also used in paints and adhesives. In addition to normal 60% Natural Rubber (NR) latex, there is a grade called Pre vulcanised (PV) Latex which has been prepared at source with dispersions of cross-linking chemicals. This obviates the need to compound as one would with normal 60% NR latex. This PV Latex is used mainly in “cottage industries” for mould making. The moulds are durable and suitable for producing casts in cold setting resins such as of Plaster of Paris. Examples of products include garden gnomes, statues, chess set pieces.
HOW DO WE GET IT? It is imported from Malaysia, Indonesia, or whoever is competitive.
5,000,000,000 (5 Billion) - The number of condoms sold each year. Most modern-day condoms (over 90%) are made of NR latex, the rest from polyurethane or lamb intestines.


Carst & Walker (EA) Ltd
The team is made up of Phillip Kariuki (Sales Representative) and Anne Kimaru (Sales Support), with local director Mr Abdul Farrah. Their role is to support the our key markets in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.
CW& (EA) was established in 2008 in Nairobi, Kenya, as a result of more than 20 years of trade into the region from two group companies, Tradebase (UK) and C&W (South Africa). With the support of core Group suppliers, Lubrizol (Consumer Specialties & Performance Coatings), DSM Coating Resins and Arizona Chemical, the key industries expanded from formulated Agrochemicals and Animal Feed Trace elements, to Personal Care, Polymers, Adhesives, Coatings and Inks.
We are on the brink of extending into Food Ingredients with the support of Group Product Managers and Suppliers. Find out more about the East African wing of the Hobart Group. www.carst.co.ke

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